LedWalls Pro Shines at the NAMM Show 2024: Unveiling Cutting-Edge LED Display Innovations

LedWalls Pro, a leading name in the LED display industry, took center stage at the NAMM Show 2024, showcasing state-of-the-art innovations and contributing to the vibrant atmosphere of the event. Here are the highlights:

Discovering Cutting-Edge LED Panels:

LedWalls Pro introduced groundbreaking LED panels, including the PT-2.6XR with a remarkable 7860Hz refresh rate and the robust 2.9 floor LED panels capable of withstanding up to 2000 lbs per panel.

Immersive Audio Experience with 4-Acoustic and Acoustic Drive brand Speakers:

LedWalls Pro featured its 4-Acoustic brand German-made speakers, providing an immersive audio experience.
The Acoustic Drive Speakers, especially the NAC-1588MK Column speaker, captured the attention of attendees with its exceptional audio quality.

Positive Reception and Networking:

The LedWalls Pro booth received positive feedback, with attendees particularly enjoying the naked-eye 3D display featured on the LED walls.
LedWalls Pro successfully formed more than 500+ new networks, reflecting the company’s impactful presence at the NAMM Show.

Motivation and Product Unveiling:

LedWalls Pro’s participation was motivated by the desire to share and feature the company’s latest LED display products.
The NAMM Show served as the platform for LedWalls Pro to unveil innovative floor panels and XR panels, adding to their extensive product lineup.

Contribution to the NAMM Show Atmosphere:

LedWalls Pro enriched the overall atmosphere of the NAMM Show by featuring versatile floor panels suitable for dance floors or car show platforms.
The company’s lightweight audio systems from Acoustic Drive and powerful array speakers from 4-acoustic audio enhanced the auditory experience for attendees.